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Potato dumplings with pesto and green beans
Pesto potato salad sounded a bit weird, though all the ingredients are among my favorites: I planned to go for the traditional pasta instead, but then it turned out Sandis already had pasta for lunch. What`s in between pasta and potatoes? Potato dumplings! Otherwise, the recipe is from the link above. I also added some salad leaves, as they were withering in the fridge. Crumble feta on top to make the dish more filling.


"The Last Supper"

Today is the last day before going to Latvia for a month long vacation. Since we have to get up already at 1 a.m. - this is a lunch entry.

A simple dish. Fish, mashed potatoes and green beans. But I made the sauce.
They say - an excellent cook is different from a good one by a pound of butter. Well, I am a million miles from being a good cook, however, I used so much butter that I had to persuade Baiba to even try the sauce. It came out good. 
Melt very, very much butter in a pan, add garlic, balsamic vinegar and a bit of olive oil. When it all starts boiling, add flour while stirring. Then in goes some cream, broth, lemon juice, salt, sugar and pepper. Done!
Bon appetit!