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Chicken and bean stew

Winter just wouldn`t go away, and hearty comfort food are still on the top of the list. This chicken and bean stew is really good:

I almost followed the recipe this time. The exceptions are a can of chickpeas instead of 2 cans of butter bean, and lots of fresh bell pepper instead of 250 g frozen peppers. No coriander, served with rice and lamb`s lettuce.


Halloween approaching

The vegetable of October is pumpkin. Tonight: in both stew and the sauce. We had a Sunday roast with a vegetable stew and a pumpkin/mango/chili sauce.
For the stew, you don`t really need a recipe. Take the vegetable roots you have and stew in the spices you like. It just cannot go wrong.
I used a slice of a pumpkin, some savoy cabbage leftovers, carrots and potatoes. Fry a chopped onion, chili, cumin and mustard seeds. Add bite-size carrots and pumpkins, fry for some more minutes. Pour over water to cover, let simmer. In 5-10 minutes, add potatoes and savoy cabbage. Salt and cook until soft.
Sauce: cut a slice of pumpkin into bite-size piecies. Roast in the oven until slightly brown. Place in a pot together with 1 mango, chopped, and a chopped fresh chili. Pour some water, add tumeric, and cook until soft. Blend.



The summer is over, and I`m back with another hearty dish: vegetable-minced meat stew.
It has been some time since my last post. In July, I had the sickness of early pregnancy (the family lived on a diet of pasta and frozen pizza), and when that was over, we left for a long a vacation in Latvia. I did cook a lot there, enjoying the august richness of wild mushrooms, zucchinis, potatoes, and tomatoes. The hit was cepes milk soup. No pictures, though, since Sandis did not have the right equipment with him.
For the stew:
300 g minced pork
1 onion, chopped
a slice of squash, cut into bite-size cubes
1 red beet root, boiled, cut into bite-size cubes
some chopped savoy cabbage
vegetable stock
greens from the garden (I used oregano and sage)
salt, pepper, paprika, chilli
Fry the meat with onions and paprika. When brown and cooked, remove from the pan and put aside, covered. Fry the savoy cabbage and squash with chilli, sage, and oregano, until light brown, then pour over some vegetable stock and let simmer for some 10 minutes until soft. Add the red beet and meat, stir together, and let the flavors soak together for a few minutes.
Serve with rice, yoghurt sauce, and pickled cucumbers.
Yoghurt sauce: yoghurt, lemon juice, and pressed garlic. 
Red beets and cabbage add nice colors to the plate.
Hoping to get back with another dish sooner than usual,